The optimed DAILY SAFE face visor helps your employees and customers to regain some of their old freedom – and puts a smile on their face.
With optimed DAILY SAFE, your serving staff can breathe freely again – and smile at your guests without worrying.
Our optimed DAILY SAFE face visor can be customised for your employees and customers, to your own specifications.
optimed DAILY SAFE allows both sales and distribution staff to engage in normal sales conversations free of annoying restrictions.
personalisiert, konfiguriert optimed DAILY SAFE Gesichtsviser

The ideal promotional gift for
your customers and employees.

optimed DAILY SAFE is the perfect solution for your employees. It offers comfort and quality with fewer restrictions than conventional protective masks.

This makes it the perfect promotional gift for your customers. It can be customised to your specifications for order quantities starting at just 200 items.

optimed DAILY SAFE

makes your employees’ and customers’ day-to-day activities pleasant and comfortable. With optimed DAILY SAFE, people can see each other again.


  • The face visor is very light and barely noticeable by the wearer.
  • It offers optimal transparency, enabling fatigue-free vision even in the most difficult lighting conditions.
  • Makes you significantly less likely to accidentally touch your face.


  • After being adjusted just once, the face visor will no longer slip
  • optimed DAILY SAFE fits everyone, being individually adjustable and equipped with ergonomically shaped foam just where it’s needed.
  • It’s also ideal for people who wear glasses.


  • Even when you wear the visor all day, you’ll feel relaxed and free.
  • optimed DAILY SAFE was specially developed to be worn frequently and for long periods.
  • Offering far-reaching protection and covering the sides of the face, it provides both a feeling of safety and the complete protection you rightly expect.

Want to find out more?

In our detailed product data sheet, you’ll find all the further information you need about the optimed DAILY SAFE face visor.

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About optimed

optimed Medizinische Instrumente GmbH has been a manufacterer of medical devices for more than 20 years with 3 production sites in Germany.

We are ISO 13485:2016 certified and specialize in Class llb and III medical devices.

Our expertise is in the manufacture of products for urological, gastroenterological and vascular products. We have now adjusted our production capacity to help out in the coronavirus crisis.